U n i q u e l o c a t i o n , c o h e r e n t w i t h t r a d i t i o n a l s a m p l e s

Location - Wine fountain Vodole

The specific growing conditions, climate and diligence of the people create exceptional wines from these Styrian and Goričko hills, with which they want to impress those fond to the noble drop. With an exceptional sense of space and intact with nature, we have placed a unique facility in the landscape, associated with traditional patterns, through which we want to present and offer tastings of the wines from exceptional winemakers.


B e s t w i n e s f r o m o u r l o c a l w i n e m a k e r s .


Joannes Protner Family Estate

The Joannes Protner House offers expertly guided wine tastings in a modern wine bar. We offer wine lovers white, rosé and red wines, sparkling wines and gin Maister. Guests can enjoy special richly lined tables of authentic delicacies from the surrounding farms. The current 11th Maribor Wine Queen, Ana Protner, also comes from our wine house.

Wines in our Wine Fountain

Protner Turist Farm

We are located along the famous Vodole wine road, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Maribor, at a beautiful vantage point. We are known for the production of grapes and wine, and on the farm we offer you authentic Styrian cuisine in addition to excellent wine in a pleasant ambience. With us, you can enjoy watching a herd of fallow deer and also spend the night.

Wines in our wine fountain

Bračko - Rebernik
Tourist Farm

The organized chaos of positive energy and laughter in the kitchen creates exquisite homemade food. Sophisticated taste with enthusiasm and ever-present self-criticism in the wine cellar creates excellent wine. The best and most detailed young critics help to excel. The tiptoeing of children’s feet, in the always tidy areas of our tourist farm, creates playfulness.


Tourist Farm Emil

On our family farm, where adults find a corner of peace and relaxation, and children find joy in nature, all family members complement each other in work, ideas and motivation. The younger generation on the farm upgrades and continues the tradition of their parents – Špela skillfully waves her hands around in the home kitchen, from where the intoxicating smells of home and traditional food spread, and Urška upgrades her love for vines and wine.

Wines in our wine fountain

Valentan Organic farm

On the farm you can stock up on fresh and macerated wines, buckwheat porridge, 100% pumpkin seed oil, spelt and wheat flour, apple juice and vinegar from old apple varieties and seasonal fruits. In the old wine cellar, along with home-made cuisine, we take you to the diverse world of top-quality natural organically produced wines.

Wines in our wine fountain

Winemaking Mak

We are a farm with more than 500 years of tradition in viticulture. Grapes are grown in the vineyards of Vodole and Nebova. Vines that grow on our vineyards are Welschriesling, Furmint, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Müller-Thurgau, Traminer and of course our most recognizable variety, Muscat. Our wines are varietal, in bottles or one-liter bottles, and mixed Cuvée in liter bottles.

Wines in our wine fountain

Gala Wines

Our wine and excursion farm Puša is located along the main road Šentilj-Jarenina. On the estate, surrounded by vineyards and intact nature, we produce calm and sparkling wines, which are matured in an over 300-year-old wine cellar, where you can also try them. In a wooden house covered with straw, we will serve you various delicacies from the brick oven in a pleasant homely ambience.

Wines in our wine fountain

Vehovar Wines

“Wine is beautiful”

Family tradition connected in the production of top quality pure, natural wines.

From the earth, the vine, the grapes and all the way to the wine, a special path leads us, which unites us with a glass of good wine.


P r e s e n t i n g t h e i r p r o d u c t s i n o u r W i n e F o u n t a i n

Unique experience

F i r s t i n t h e w o r l d - F o o d i n w i n e f l y i n g b a r , f o o d d e l i v e r y a b i t d i f f e r e n t l y , s p e c i a l d e l i v e r y j u s t f o r y o u t h r o u g h t h e a i r . . .

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O u r o n l i n e s t o r e o f f e r s o n l y s e l e c t e d w i n e s

  • Oskar-premium
  • Kobal | Šipon

E x p l o r e t h e i n t a c t n a t u r e

Here, farmers with their sense of space and environment are constantly looking for intersections between modern viticulture and nature, which we need more and more every day for our survival. On heavy soil, they form a symbiosis of vineyards, grain fields, flowering meadows, and herb plantations. Only in such a coexistence of plants and animals can the Slovenian countryside be shown in the most beautiful light.


C u l i n a r y o f f e r i n g a t t h e W i n e F o u n t a i n

Along with excellent wines, walks in nature, we also offer exceptional culinary delicacies, which we prepare in cooperation with the almost “domestic” butchery Agricultural cooperative Rače, which is famous for preparing meat in the traditional way, and all the meat is exclusively Slovenian, i.e. home-grown. Of course, there is no shortage of offerings for both vegetarians and vegans.


W i n e F o u n t a i n - V o d o l e



You can get to know all the exceptional offerings of wine from local producers with a special chipped glass, with which you can walk among the barrels of local winegrowers and choose your combination of wines.

Wine fountain Vodole - Events

Vodole Wine Fountain is a crossroads of information and a unique place where you can try exceptional wines, herbal soft drinks, as well as quality snacks. But because we want to offer you something more, we are preparing selected thematic events for you, where you will get to know the exciting world of winemaking, parmesan, meat and vegetarian delicacies in the company of experienced experts and more …

Exciting events

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