O u r o f f e r

With a specific tasting glass equipped with a programmed chip, you can taste 6 wine samples and choose from eight different wine barrels. White dry, semi-dry and dessert wines, Rose’s and two dry red samples are available. You just need some playfulness and creativity to conjure up your favorite one.

If you can’t find it, the wine list offers you bottled wines of selected wines from the unique sparkling wine, which in its process did not meet the light, Untouched by light, all the way to PétNat sparkling wines, selected white, orange and red wines, including many organically grown.

Unique experience

C o n j u r e u p y o u r f a v o r i t e w i n e

We believe that with our range of wine offers we can satisfy even the most demanding wine guest.


F i r s t i n t h e w o r l d F o o d a n d w i n e f l y i n g b a r f o o d d e l i v e r y t h r o u g h t h e a i r , j u s t f o r y o u

Wine Fountain offer - Vodole Slovenia

The meat products of the Rače Agricultural Cooperative have been representing the concept of the quality of meat products for years. In cooperation with them, we also developed delicious 100% dry beef salami with hemp seeds and mini dried sausages with the addition of red wine.

Wine offer - Wine Fountain

As a good drink also includes good food, our offer includes smoked pork leg cooked on weekends or by prior order, as well as dried meat, vegetarian and vegan plates. During the week, we have prepared convenient snacks for you, which are ready to eat in an instant and you can choose them from the fridge in our store.

Among them you will find cured meat products, breadsticks, delicious cracklings, cheeses and various spreads.

All meat products come from the local environment, so we swear by home production.

S i g n u p f o r o u r e - n e w s l e t t e r s w h e r e y o u c a n f i n d o u t a b o u t p o s s i b l e d i s c o u n t s a n d e v e n t s a t t h e W i n e F o u n t a i n .

Selected organicly grown herbs

H e r b a l n o n - a l c o h o l i c b e v e r a g e s

With all this, of course, we must not forget the herbal soft drinks that we produce on our home PROPERTY SUNNY PARADISE. We process selected organically grown herbs into delicious drinks that both young and old adore. For tasting soft drinks, a special glass made of recycled plastic is also used, which is programmed with two samples of the drink and is poured at the first two tasting barrels.

Unique experience

O f c o u r s e , i n a d d i t i o n t o e v e r y t h i n g l i s t e d a b o v e , w e o f f e r y o u i n t a c t n a t u r e j u s t a f e w m i n u t e s f r o m t h e s t r i c t c e n t e r o f M a r i b o r .

Be a part of the experience

An exceptional experience in nature

E s t a t e S U N N Y P A R A D I S E

A walk among the plantations of tall Slovenian varieties of fruit trees, learning about herbs and visiting the permaculture garden are just a part of the story of the SUNNY PARADISE estate on which the Wine Fountain Vodole lies. All children, adolescents and those young at heart are invited to try the adrenaline attraction of the zipline “Bee Flight”, which will definitely leave a mark of an extraordinary experience in nature, when you fly over meadows, streams and land in the woods among the treetops. And return to the starting point on the second steel cable almost 30 meters above the ground.

Worth a try!

Zipline Maribor - Sunny paradise estate - Filip Flisar and Bogdan Mak

V i r t u a l w a l k t h r o u g h t h e W i n e F o u n t a i n