Kobal | Furmint 2020, white, dry

Overripe furmint grapes come from a high-quality wine-growing location in Haloze, where extraordinary furmint of all stages of grape ripening traditionally thrive. In the rosehip bouquet, the variety is typically expressed in a smell and taste reminiscent of herbs, white flowers and tropical fruits. The wine is full of flavor, where the richness of the wine blends harmoniously with the acid and alcohol into a pleasant experience that invites you to the gastronomic delights of the local Haloze or Styrian cuisine.

Variety: 100% Furmint

Year: 2020

Alcohol: 13,00 Vol.%

Reducing sugar: 5,6 g/l

Total acids: 7,07 g/l

Serving temperature:
We recommend:

lard, cracklings and red meat from brine.