Marof | Blaufrankische Mačkovci 2015, red, dry

Rich pomegranate-purple, shiny edge, dry, earthy first taste, iron, tobacco, truffles, leather, currants, dried herbs (thyme, rosemary). It almost tastes salty due to its minerality. The palette of flavors is reflected in the original strikingness of the raw Blaufrankische. Intense and demanding bitterness. Exceptional potential. The obvious “terminator of the Blaufrankische” without competition.

Variety: Blaufrankische

Year:  2015

Alcohol: 13,5%

Reducing sugar: 1,2 g/l

Total acids: 5,9 g/l

Serving temperature:
We recommend:

Dry meats, steak, venison.