Marof | Breg Sauvignon, 2018, white, dry

Bold and rich and tropical, golden in color and golden in character, but with a characteristic sharp aftertaste of green gooseberry reminiscent of sauvignon. Full flavor, creamy weight, but elegant. It reflects self-confidence. Spicy (wasabi powder) and smooth / uniform / balanced. VINIFICATION Spontaneous fermentation with exclusively wild yeast, 5 days skin contact. 15 months old in a fine chalice in 600 liter “French Haute Futaie” oak barrels and 30hl oak barrels. Mixed before bottling. Unfiltered.

Variety:  100 % Sauvignon

Year: 2018

Alcohol:  13,5 %vol

Reducing sugar:  1,9 g/l

Total acids: 6,0 g/l

Serving temperature:
We recommend:

crabs, grilled fish, steak.